He Got Next And Now: Joe Gifted Drops Two New Mixtapes

Joe Gifted is straight out of Atlanta and I know , “another Atlanta artist” but he’s not the same , let’s not throw all the Atlanta artist in the same boat. First I want you to check out BOTH his mixtape – Mr. Gifted and Gifted IAM to see the versatility in his sound , and I bet you will understand why he’s “gifted”.

My favs off Mr. Gifted – Amazing, Magic, Island Girl, and Answers.  Island Girl is my FAV FAV,  I listen to this one on repeat. I really like Answers its a very transparent song, you know sometimes it gets hard to keep the faith with so many things going wrong in your life on the daily.  Sometimes you want God to come sit on the edge of your bed and just give you the answers ……..

Click here to listen to Mr. Gifted EP

My favs off Gifted IAM – Old Me, Bag, Perfect Timing, All on Me, Real One, and Still on My Shit.  So basically the whole TAPE!!! Just listen, I’m sure you will have some favs on there as well. With QuickTrip, Lil Baby, Y6 (Booke) and YSL Duke as features on this one you definitely feel the hometeam Atlanta kickin shit.

Click here to listen to GiftedIAM EP

Check out the Perfect Timing video featuring Y6……



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