Motorsport Debate: Did Nicki Minaj Know Cardi B Was Featured On the Song or Nahhhhh?

Okay let me first start by saying that this song is just ummmmmm okay. It’s not the best from any of them that are featured on the song but they dropped after Cardi got the RAINDROP of a ring from her bae Offset and everyone was excited about all things Cardi and Offset.

But if you listen to the song, something does sound a little off, and we can all agree that Nicki doesn’t really cheer for those she feel that are coming for her crown so it does sound like MAD shots to me on this song and I mean Cardi fired back.

And I’m going to let Joe Budden explain what really took place with this collaboration. And yes , I said JOE BUDDEN, cause IDK IDK IDK  I think this man has been in the industry long enough to peek out the bullshit and that’s why alot of people don’t like him because he calls it out!!

So peep his theory:

Now watch Nicki react:


I think Everyday Struggle made their point!!!

Oh yea and if you haven’t even heard the song yet, ummmm go check that out :


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