Penny Makes Us Proud: Jhene Aiko Trip Album


Mic check one -two , one- two… this thing on?

I know I haven’t updated the site in a while but something has been pulling at me to start posting again, so here we are with my first new post and its about Jhene Aiko.

I must say I believe that Jhene knew that I needed to hear this album at the exact time that it dropped.  First song that I gravitated to was ” New Balance”….. I think I’m searching for some balance currently in my life so this track hit HOME.

My next favorite has to Never Call Me, I simple adore Kurupt speech to Jhene at the end of this song. You always need that “big brother” to tell you that ” You’re the ONE and everyone else are just 2’s and 3’s” .  Talking to you good homeboy always seems to put life into perspective.

I also love the tracks with Big Sean on them, because I still play the Twenty88 album and I’m patiently waiting on them to drop another one!!!!!!!

Not sure if you know but the album also has a short film too, it’s personal just like anything else you expect from Jhene… check it out!





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