Wrong Time: Meek Mill Sentenced For Probation Violation

This system isn’t set up for US to win. Meek Mill is still being punished for something that he did at the age of 19. He’s in his thirties now, let’s just take a moment to think about how many small things that he could have done within those year that Philly district attorney and probation officers can use to violate him. He got violated for riding his bikes in the NYC streets, a charge that was actually dropped. So what do we want him to do? Sit in the house and walk on egg shells until his probation is done?

I’m not into making excuse for no man but I do feel like Philly court system is out to make an example out of Meek. No matter how much we like to say that the American judicial system is meet to rehab people, in a lot of cases its meant to break our young black men. Here we have a young black male in his prime years, he’s reached heights that he couldn’t even imagine. And you sentence him to two to four years for some charges that actually got dropped, that’s pretty extreme.

Yes, I do think Meek needs a better support system. Less “yes” men, and more people that’s going to tell him to chill out before he hurts himself and give these people every reason to take away everything he has worked so hard for. I hate for any of our young men full of potential to have to sit down like this, I hope he has some helluva lawyers that can figure out a way for him to fight this.  We all need learning experiences but this is indeed the wrong time to get “wrong time”.

Hold ya head Meek.


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