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Hottest Song In Atlanta: Joe Gifted x FrontStreet Mark – Water


I’m not sure where you been but Joe Gifted has the hottest song in Atlanta right now. Water is definitely making a lot of waves, on the radio as well as through the city!

Better hop on the new wave, before you get left behind!!!


Gucci Mane x Drake – Back On Road

One thing about Drake he knows how to remain relevant and attach himself to whatever is HOT at the moment. It’s really a favor to the artist tracks that he hops on or that he gives a feature to if you ask me, cause I mean if Drake is on it or has anything to do with it….the internet is def gonna listen.

Stay Woke: Beyonce- Formation

Bey tapped into her Louisiana roots and took it to deep down south to New Orleans for her new video. Sounds like Big Fredia doing the voice overs maybe but def a N.O. bounce artist but any who Bey wants ya’ll to know she’s unapologetic about her black too .

She lets you all know her roots, that she’s black and you can tell my her baby afro puffs and by the size of her man nose.

But on a deeper note she wants America to know we still woke about Katrina, and these cops killing us.

More and more artist are using their BIG voices to speak on our community issues.

Bey Woke.


Spotlight On: Khyelle Mango -Too Late

Its always refreshing to hear new voices…..

And this one decided to grace us with her vocals on yesterday , her day of birth . She celebrated by dropping this track featuring B Allen and Dcmbr . 

And what a gift it is …… Thank you Khy for sharing your voice with the world , I’m your biggest cheerleader . – Teammate for life . 


Controversial Lyrics From Macklemore On His New Track – White Privilege II 

When I first started listening I wasn’t so sure of this track , was he saying these things because of all the backlash he’s gotten and he thinks that he HAS to say something or was this what he really feels . I was also confused because he called out Iggy , Miley etc and their biting of the black culture but did he not include himself . 

But then it because a reflective track to me , if anything it gets the conversation going , did he take everything that has been said and written about white rappers and reflect on it . And parts of the song , he actually admits that he really doesn’t know how to approach this situation . He acknowledges that he’s in the position that he’s in because of the fact he has white privileges . 

I’m not sure exactly where I stand on this track yet , but I do like the fact that it’s going to ignite a lot of conversation .