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Why Nobody Told Me Trey Songz Album “Tremaine” Was This Good?


Maybe I’m late or for some odd reason this album got a new “LIFE” and everybody is just getting into it as well…….because I didn’t hear much talk about Tremaine and I swear now that I’ve taken my time and listened to it we should’ve discussed this quality ass project that Trey Songz but out.

Now let me say that I’m stuck on Nobody Else But You and Song Goes Off. I keep these two on repeat, I don’t know they just speak to me for some reason. I’m going to post these two songs so that ya’ll can check them out as well, I don’t think enough people listened to this album so EVERYBODY go back and check it out with me.



Penny Makes Us Proud: Jhene Aiko Trip Album


Mic check one -two , one- two… this thing on?

I know I haven’t updated the site in a while but something has been pulling at me to start posting again, so here we are with my first new post and its about Jhene Aiko.

I must say I believe that Jhene knew that I needed to hear this album at the exact time that it dropped.  First song that I gravitated to was ” New Balance”….. I think I’m searching for some balance currently in my life so this track hit HOME.

My next favorite has to Never Call Me, I simple adore Kurupt speech to Jhene at the end of this song. You always need that “big brother” to tell you that ” You’re the ONE and everyone else are just 2’s and 3’s” .  Talking to you good homeboy always seems to put life into perspective.

I also love the tracks with Big Sean on them, because I still play the Twenty88 album and I’m patiently waiting on them to drop another one!!!!!!!

Not sure if you know but the album also has a short film too, it’s personal just like anything else you expect from Jhene… check it out!




Hot and Steamy: Rihanna x Drake – Work (VIDEO)

 You get two videos in one ….. And both of them are worth watching . 

AubRih keep it hot and steamy in the first video that makes you feel as if you’re right in a reggae club on a good night . 

And yesss bad gal Rih gives you want you want !!!!! 

Then in the second video you get the cuteness of these two together .

The way Drake watches Rih do her lil dance lol…….Come Through Rih.

You better WORK!


We Love: DJ Khaled x Jeremih x Trey Songz x Future- You Mine


I know Khaled has been busy giving us MAJOR keys on Snapchat but he also dropped a good ass record with Jeremih, Trigga Trey and Future Hendrix.

Watch as the do it ” big pimpin” style in the video for YOU MINE.

P.S.  The end of the video tho… Future goes off… Enjoy

Young Thug x Trouble NSFW Thief In The Night Video 

Sooooooo this is my favorite song off Young Thug’s new mixtape Slime Season 2 .  (My runner up pick is Pull Up On A Kid – Thug x Yak Gotti , if you were wondering. ) So naturally I’m excited that he decided to drop the visual for my fav track ASAP like . 

This video takes you along with Trouble and Thug from the Krog Street tunnel to the strip club. But it also shows how his homie Duke and friend get taken by some young ladies for his G Wagon …. I guess they were the real thieves in the night . 

NEW VIDEO: Justin Bieber- I’ll Show You

Justin is tired of apologizing for growing up in front of the whole world . He also wants us to know that he’s human too . Seems to be the norm for child stars …. So much pressure and scrutiny. 

However , I’m feeling this song …it’s as close to his “Journals ” sound that we have gotten so far from his new album . 

Check it out !