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Jim Jones Opens Up and Talks Dipset, Cam’ron and Roc Nation Signing


Jimmy, has always been my fav. As you will see in this interview he runs off emotions, if you follow Jim or Cam on Instagram you have seen them going back and forth with each other… the interview you will see how much Jim cares about Cam.

Also a lot of people are interested in Jimmy’s recent Roc Nation signing, since Hov and Dipset have had a rocky history.

Tune in….


Trick Daddy Gives A Hilarious Interview On The Breakfast Club

I always have and always will be a Trick Daddy Dollar fan and this interview was EVERYTHING! 

I’m currently sitting at my desk listening to this interview and literally LOL . Not only is Trick hilarious but he is as real as they come and he’s speaking his truth . 

He literally discusses everything for homosexuality , to his cooking spices , his feelings towards Wayne and Birdman and his thoughts on the current rap game .  

Ohhhhh and how he became “Trick Daddy Dollar ” , well his name comes from his momma tricking his daddy for a dollar .

I can’t with him this morning !!!!! 

You will enjoy this one ! 

Birdman (Baby) Finally Speaks With Angie Martinez About Lil Wayne , Indicments and More 

Birdman gives you NOTHING in this interview!!! You really have to be really good at reading between the lines with this interview. Or skip towards the end of the interview where he finally starts to sort of answer these questions honestly . 

I’m not sure if he’s in denial or he keeping the G code and not speaking on his legal situations but he hopped , skipped , jumped ,dodged and moved out the way of almost every question asked . 

All I learned was that Wayne is son and he love him . That’s it . 

Karen Civil TV Presents : Skooly – Welcome To My Neighborhood 

I’m from Atlanta. I admit we have ALOT of rappers . But if there is one rapper I want to see win its Skooly ! 

If you ever listened to Rick Kidz back in like 2008/2009, then you know Skooly’s voice . He was one of the first I ever heard doing the singing/rapping thing in Atlanta . Maybe, because he was so young he didn’t get the props he deserved, and/or as others may say , he should’ve been went solo . 

However , he’s down with 2Chainz now and I hope that everyone who has taken off with his sound will give him is credit in due time . 

If you haven’t , please check out Blacc Jon Gotti , Skooly’s most recent project . And wish him a Happy 21st birthday . 

And just so you can know him a little better and see some of the REAL ATLANTA, real WESTSIDE . Check out his neighborhood: 

Future – Like I Never Left Documentary Part 3,4 and 5 

I think part of the key to Future’s current buzz is that fans of the hip hop culture have gotten a chance to know more about him. He’s done a few radio interviews and this documentary and even his tweets , let u pick in a little more . And fans eat that up …. They like to feel like the artist is transparent and relates to them on a similar level. Not just through the music but in real life . 

In the last three parts of the Like I Never Left, Future discusses the football emojis in his comments on Instagram . How he feels you have to be a little throwed off to be a genius ( I agree ) and his start and how the coolest DJ in the world, DJ Esco, was there fof it all. 

Check these final parts out , I’m sure if you didn’t care for him before you’ll like him a little more after you watch this documentary !

Future Talks With The Breakfast Club About Almost Everything You Can Think Of … Seriously 

So after you heard Real Sisters and Same Damn Time , you ever wondered if Future had real sisters at the same damn time ? Well, the Breakfast Club got that answer for you and more ! 

You know Charlamagne is never short of off the wall questions and comments and he got a few in with Future . In the past Future has been rather reserved , hardly ever did interviews . But this one was a good interview for Future…. touches on all the questions you probably wanted answers to and more .

Oh and DS2 drops at midnight . 

Monday Pick Me Up: Young Dro Interview With The Breakfast Club

I have always loved Young Dro. I don’t care who else performed at a concert, he’s always the one I’m waiting to see!

Besides being probably the fliest on the stage, he is also HILARIOUS.

I watch this interview after a VERY VERY VERY bad day and I laughed till I cried.

Dro is a FOOL.

So if you have the Monday Blues, do yourself a favor and watch this interview.

P.S. You will be really Laughing Out Loud, so your co-workers might be looking at you strange if you don’t have a private office!

What Really Happened With Cash Money and The Hot Boys ? Turk Shares His Version With The Breakfast Club 

Ok Cash Money has been in the rap gossip a lot lately . Wayne wanting off Cash Money , Tyga wanting off Cash Money and Juve signing back to Cash Money. Young Thug dropping his album titled Carter 6 before Wayne gets to drop Carter 5 ( which is being held up by Baby ) and more . But what about Turk , who was recently released from prison . What is his side of the story ? 

Well here’s what I learned : 

  1. Baby only gave Turk wife $300 after hurricane Katrina 
  2. Turk gives a play by play of what happened during the shoot out with police 
  3. Turk is suing Baby too 
  4. Turk doesn’t think the Wayne and Baby kiss was gay because they all did it , except Juve .
  5. However, he does think that some of the stuff Thug does is gay but he think it’s because Thug loves attention .
  6. Turk believes Thug wants to be like Wayne . He doesn’t think it’s really meant to be disrespectful.
  7. Turk thinks the Hot Boys can make a return and he’s screaming Free BG till they free BG . 

It’s soooooo much more interesting details in this interview and Turk is still so New Orleans. Peep it when you get a chance . 

New Chicago Artist Tink Freestyles On The Breakfast Club

They really couldn’t get into all her new music but you got to learn a little bit about who Tink is and her influences . 

And if you grew up in the 90s she sure does make you feel old with what she calls “old school music “. 

Check her spit a nice freestyle towards the end of the interview. I’ve been a fan since the mixtape . She’s refreshing as a female artist !