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Gucci Mane x Drake – Back On Road

One thing about Drake he knows how to remain relevant and attach himself to whatever is HOT at the moment. It’s really a favor to the artist tracks that he hops on or that he gives a feature to if you ask me, cause I mean if Drake is on it or has anything to do with it….the internet is def gonna listen.


Gucci Adds a Slight Remix to Jeezy’s – God

I’m not sure how Gucci is recording a releasing all this music from jail, but clearly he can’t stop, won’t stop. 

And now you can hear him in the beginning of Jeezy’s new track God.

Noisey Atlanta Episode 3 : Jeezy vs Gucci Beef

Ok, so I don’t like this episode either .

Being that I’m from Atlanta I’m kind of bias maybe . But still this documentary series isn’t off to a good start for me .

First , there is way more to Atlanta. Especially our music scene and it’s kind of stereotypical too .

Secondly, I don’t feel that Gucci is the “King of Trap Music ” who gave him that title ? And I’m a firm believer in quality or quantity . Yeah, Gucci puts out hella music but it’s not all good music or solid albums .

And the nod in Atlanta doesn’t come from Gucci . Yes, Migos are heavily influenced by his sound but not all Atlanta trap rappers . Some are greatly influenced by our underground artist that never made it out the Poole palace or local mixtapes .

Like I said before I want to see the rest, but they aren’t representing Atlanta how I would like them to our telling our story the way it should be told .

New Diss : Waka Flocka – Ice Cream ( Gucci Mane Diss)

Not sure if this diss is new or not but it had made its way around the internet lately . The beef between Waka and Gucci had been going on behind the scenes for a while , until Gucci decided to go on a twitter rant and put Waka up for sell , and said other disrespectful things . I guess this is Waka speaking on the situation .

Gucci Mane disses T.I. , Yo Gotti & Jeezy – Birds of a Feather


Gucci Mane is back to dissing . Apparently this is a old track that recently leaked . He’s dissing T.I., Jeezy ( I guess Drama didn’t squash the beef ) , and Yo Gotti ( Gucci is apparently upset that Gotti dropped is mixtape on the same day as Gucci). I say it’s a older track because he doesn’t diss Waka and they recently had twitter beef. Thats really too many beefs geesshhh … Well check it out if you like :