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New Music: Tink – Count It Up

Tink is back and she’s still hungry . She knows that people are sleeping on her and she got a ton of other people depending on her ….

She doesn’t take for granted how far she’s made it already but she’s ready for more ….. Check her new track out ! 


Tink Takes It to the Strip Club in her L.E.A.S.H Video

Tink switched it up on us and took it straight NSFW on us for her new L.E.A.S.H. video.

But who doesn’t like the strip club?

You can find this track on her recent mixtape Winter’s Diary 3.

XXL Freshman 2015- Cypher Part 1 And Tink Freestyle

I wasn’t so excited about this Freshman Class when the XXL cover first hit the Internet . 

I think we are pretty use to XXL getting this cover wrong tho . 

I’m pretty sure you know who is my favorite artist on the cover tho …… Yup, my girl Tink. 

And I’m not going keep vouching for her if she doesn’t deliver …… I watched all of the freestyles , oh she delivered.  ( Raury , might be my second fav freshman freestyle ) . 

Then she’s in a cypher with all guys and she totally dominates . Like no one spit harder than her …..  She got next in my book . 

New Music: Tink – I Like

My girl is back on her singing tip and I’m here for it ! 

This track I Like , is something any girl can relate to …. She sings about what she likes in a guy …. One who is quick to get into her mind instead of being so quick to get in her pants . Now that’s rare . 

When she finds that guy , that’s gets up in here mind , she tells us how he makes her feel. She also touches on her issues, and how he acknowledges them and helps her overcome them .

Lawd now where she find him ? Lol 

Tink has been dropping a lot of music lately . She’s keeping her buzz going and supplying her fans with some quality tracks .


New Video: Tink – Millions

We love to see our girl Tink out here making major moves.

We’ve been a fan of her since her mixtape Winter’s Diary 2.

For this track she samples Aaliyah’s – One in a Million. Her video originally premiered in Times Square on Wednesday night, but we are bringing it today, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Set in a underground club, Tink gets her dance on a little, shows you her unique fashion style and gives you a little of her singing skills and a little of her rapping skills.

Tells us what you think, Does Tink have next up?

New Music : Tink – Million

This the Tink that I have been waiting on …..

The Tink that sings. See, when I first heard Tink on her song ” Treat Me Like Somebody”, she was rapping and singing.

And when I downloaded her mixtape Winter’s Diary 2, she was also giving me a little singing and a little rapping.

I mean I totally get that she wanted to show people she could spit.

But now I’m here for this mix of Tink and Aaliyah ( pays to work with TImbaland huh ?).

Give it a listen….Let us know what you think.

New Chicago Artist Tink Freestyles On The Breakfast Club

They really couldn’t get into all her new music but you got to learn a little bit about who Tink is and her influences . 

And if you grew up in the 90s she sure does make you feel old with what she calls “old school music “. 

Check her spit a nice freestyle towards the end of the interview. I’ve been a fan since the mixtape . She’s refreshing as a female artist ! 


“Tell the children ….. Keep running , running , running ”

One of the biggest questions that black parents today have is …. ” How Do I Explain This Situation To My Kids ?” , “What do you tell the children ?” …….

Keep running …….. Is Tink answer .

She’s using her voice …… She’s making sure y’all hear her …..