Why Nobody Told Me Trey Songz Album “Tremaine” Was This Good?


Maybe I’m late or for some odd reason this album got a new “LIFE” and everybody is just getting into it as well…….because I didn’t hear much talk about Tremaine and I swear now that I’ve taken my time and listened to it we should’ve discussed this quality ass project that Trey Songz but out.

Now let me say that I’m stuck on Nobody Else But You and Song Goes Off. I keep these two on repeat, I don’t know they just speak to me for some reason. I’m going to post these two songs so that ya’ll can check them out as well, I don’t think enough people listened to this album so EVERYBODY go back and check it out with me.



Wrong Time: Meek Mill Sentenced For Probation Violation

This system isn’t set up for US to win. Meek Mill is still being punished for something that he did at the age of 19. He’s in his thirties now, let’s just take a moment to think about how many small things that he could have done within those year that Philly district attorney and probation officers can use to violate him. He got violated for riding his bikes in the NYC streets, a charge that was actually dropped. So what do we want him to do? Sit in the house and walk on egg shells until his probation is done?

I’m not into making excuse for no man but I do feel like Philly court system is out to make an example out of Meek. No matter how much we like to say that the American judicial system is meet to rehab people, in a lot of cases its meant to break our young black men. Here we have a young black male in his prime years, he’s reached heights that he couldn’t even imagine. And you sentence him to two to four years for some charges that actually got dropped, that’s pretty extreme.

Yes, I do think Meek needs a better support system. Less “yes” men, and more people that’s going to tell him to chill out before he hurts himself and give these people every reason to take away everything he has worked so hard for. I hate for any of our young men full of potential to have to sit down like this, I hope he has some helluva lawyers that can figure out a way for him to fight this.  We all need learning experiences but this is indeed the wrong time to get “wrong time”.

Hold ya head Meek.

Motorsport Debate: Did Nicki Minaj Know Cardi B Was Featured On the Song or Nahhhhh?

Okay let me first start by saying that this song is just ummmmmm okay. It’s not the best from any of them that are featured on the song but they dropped after Cardi got the RAINDROP of a ring from her bae Offset and everyone was excited about all things Cardi and Offset.

But if you listen to the song, something does sound a little off, and we can all agree that Nicki doesn’t really cheer for those she feel that are coming for her crown so it does sound like MAD shots to me on this song and I mean Cardi fired back.

And I’m going to let Joe Budden explain what really took place with this collaboration. And yes , I said JOE BUDDEN, cause IDK IDK IDK  I think this man has been in the industry long enough to peek out the bullshit and that’s why alot of people don’t like him because he calls it out!!

So peep his theory:

Now watch Nicki react:


I think Everyday Struggle made their point!!!

Oh yea and if you haven’t even heard the song yet, ummmm go check that out :

He Got Next And Now: Joe Gifted Drops Two New Mixtapes

Joe Gifted is straight out of Atlanta and I know , “another Atlanta artist” but he’s not the same , let’s not throw all the Atlanta artist in the same boat. First I want you to check out BOTH his mixtape – Mr. Gifted and Gifted IAM to see the versatility in his sound , and I bet you will understand why he’s “gifted”.

My favs off Mr. Gifted – Amazing, Magic, Island Girl, and Answers.  Island Girl is my FAV FAV,  I listen to this one on repeat. I really like Answers its a very transparent song, you know sometimes it gets hard to keep the faith with so many things going wrong in your life on the daily.  Sometimes you want God to come sit on the edge of your bed and just give you the answers ……..

Click here to listen to Mr. Gifted EP

My favs off Gifted IAM – Old Me, Bag, Perfect Timing, All on Me, Real One, and Still on My Shit.  So basically the whole TAPE!!! Just listen, I’m sure you will have some favs on there as well. With QuickTrip, Lil Baby, Y6 (Booke) and YSL Duke as features on this one you definitely feel the hometeam Atlanta kickin shit.

Click here to listen to GiftedIAM EP

Check out the Perfect Timing video featuring Y6……


Penny Makes Us Proud: Jhene Aiko Trip Album


Mic check one -two , one- two…..is this thing on?

I know I haven’t updated the site in a while but something has been pulling at me to start posting again, so here we are with my first new post and its about Jhene Aiko.

I must say I believe that Jhene knew that I needed to hear this album at the exact time that it dropped.  First song that I gravitated to was ” New Balance”….. I think I’m searching for some balance currently in my life so this track hit HOME.

My next favorite has to Never Call Me, I simple adore Kurupt speech to Jhene at the end of this song. You always need that “big brother” to tell you that ” You’re the ONE and everyone else are just 2’s and 3’s” .  Talking to you good homeboy always seems to put life into perspective.

I also love the tracks with Big Sean on them, because I still play the Twenty88 album and I’m patiently waiting on them to drop another one!!!!!!!

Not sure if you know but the album also has a short film too, it’s personal just like anything else you expect from Jhene… check it out!




Jim Jones Opens Up and Talks Dipset, Cam’ron and Roc Nation Signing


Jimmy, has always been my fav. As you will see in this interview he runs off emotions, if you follow Jim or Cam on Instagram you have seen them going back and forth with each other…..in the interview you will see how much Jim cares about Cam.

Also a lot of people are interested in Jimmy’s recent Roc Nation signing, since Hov and Dipset have had a rocky history.

Tune in….

Tumblr Tuesday 

“So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.”
Attachments, Rainbow Rowell

I often stumble upon really great Tumblr post that speak to me . And this is a quote that I found on Tumblr. 

We often get to a point and age that we think we HAVE to figure it all out … Every damn clock around us is ticking and we haven’t got “there ” yet . So what do we do? We stress ourselves trying to solve our whole life …. Instead of looking at our progress and how far we’ve grown . 

I like the idea of adding additional good things to the list of good things that have already happened in your life . So pick a monthly goal or a big goal for the year that will bring you closer to the life you want and celebrate when you accomplish that goal . Baby steps … But steps nonetheless. 

You call it rhymes, I call it clearing out my mind …

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